• Removed redundant code from reduce_precision.

  • Added types argument to PseudoParameter.parametrize_module for better selection for Parameterising the Layers.


  • Fixed GeLU backward function equation.


  • Model is subclass of BackwardModule for additional functionality.

  • Using inspect.isclass to check if backward_class is a class in Linear.set_backward_function.

  • Repr using self.__class__.__name__ in all classes.

1.0.5 (Patches for Pytorch 2.0.1)#

  • Removed unnecessary PseudoParameter.grad property.

  • Patch for Pytorch 2.0.1, add filtering inputs in BackwardGraph._calculate_gradients.


  • Combined PseudoParameter and PseudoParameterModule for better visibility.

    • BugFix: fixed save and load of state_dict of PseudoParameter and transformation module.

  • Removed redundant class analogvnn.parameter.Parameter.


  • Added support for no loss function in Model class.

    • If no loss function is provided, the Model object will use outputs for gradient computation.

  • Added support for multiple loss outputs from loss function.


  • Bugfix: removed graph from Layer class.

    • graph was causing issues with nested Model objects.

    • Now _use_autograd_graph is directly set while compiling the Model object.

1.0.1 (Patches for Pytorch 2.0.0)#

  • added grad.setter to PseudoParameterModule class.


  • Public release.