Source code for analogvnn.fn.dirac_delta

import numpy as np

from analogvnn.utils.common_types import TENSOR_OPERABLE

__all__ = ['gaussian_dirac_delta']

[docs]def gaussian_dirac_delta(x: TENSOR_OPERABLE, std: TENSOR_OPERABLE = 0.001) -> TENSOR_OPERABLE: """Gaussian Dirac Delta function with standard deviation `std`. Args: x (TENSOR_OPERABLE): Tensor std (TENSOR_OPERABLE): standard deviation. Returns: TENSOR_OPERABLE: TENSOR_OPERABLE with the same shape as x, with values of the Gaussian Dirac Delta function. """ return 1 / (np.abs(std) * np.sqrt(np.pi)) * np.exp(-((x / std) ** 2))